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Where Have You Lived On The Lincoln Highway?

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Some of us on the Illinois LH group have had this discussion, but I thought it would be fun to try it out on this group.


I've lived in the following on the LH:


Kearney, Nebraska

Fremont, Nebraska

Denison, Iowa


DeKalb, Illinois.


Not talking about visits here; should be places you have had a "residence"!


Anyone with more than my four? :)

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Just one for me: South Bend, Indiana.


In the fifth edition of the Lincoln Highway guide:

Tracy, California

Hayward, California


Not in the guide, but along the route:

Dublin, California

San Leandro, California


Although I don't currently live in a Lincoln Highway city the office I currently work in is less than 100 yards from the Lincoln in Dublin, CA.



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Went to good ol' Northern Illinois University in Dekalb from 1969 to 1971 and 1972-1973. I also got my Masters from there. Been back many, many, many, many times since then.


Spent many a night doing what we called the "Lincoln Crawl" from one bar to another on the Lincoln. Sometimes quite literally.


Too Old to Do the Lincoln Crawl Much Anymore. What Did Bochepus say about Corn Bread and Ice Tea? --RoadDog

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I currently live in an apartment building directly on Lincoln Highway in Chicago Heights (1/4 mile west of where it intersects with Dixie)


Its very noisy--makes it hard to sleep at night! but I appreciate the history.




Good to see you back "on the board!" If you are going to live on the highway, or very close to it, I guess you have to sacrifice something! :D


How are the Lincoln and Dixie doing in your neighborhood? I'll be rolling on short sections of the early Lincoln and Dixie next month, but a long way from your home base (Nebraska and Florida).


Keep the Show on the Road!



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Not talking about visits here; should be places you have had a "residence"!


Anyone with more than my four? :)

I've never lived on it, but if I can take credit for my wife, before we were married she lived in Rock Springs, WY; Green River, WY; and Salt Lake City, UT. So it's somewhat vicarious. We were married in Green River, though.



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