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Saturday At The American Road Garage

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It’s another morning at the American Road garage. The day hasn’t gotten warm yet, and the gang is having a cup of coffee and a donut. Roadmaven ran across the road to the donut shop and bought for all of us. Seems he appreciates that we are all such nice people to work with.


Hester_nec has been out scouting north of Memphis with his daughter. He took several good photos, and our alignment pro, Mobilene exuded over the results. Mobilene just bought a new house so it sounds like he is homebound for awhile. Hester_nec promises to take up some of the slack.


Dave Reese is headed for an event on Penn 100 south of Allentown this weekend in the Fagin. He promises a post when he returns. He explains why he named his classic TR3 Fagin, but read his post to find out yourself.


Mobilene is telling about more bridges on the National Road.


There are several folks in a little huddle by the tire machine talking about the new Lincoln Highway book by Michael Williamson & Michael Wallis FlossmoreLibrarian, DennyG, and RoadDog are talking about the book tour


Roadhound is headed over the Tioga Pass in Yosemite tomorrow and may make it along the old stage road to the ghost town of Bodie. We hope he brings in his photos and stories of his Lincoln Highway trip in Utah and Nevada when he gets back.


Keep the Show on the Road (me) is back from his Oregon trip along US20 and the Old Oregon Trail Highway. He is writing up his third post.


Roadmaven, DennyG, Hester_nec & and Dave Reese weighed in on Grubbs Diner’s demise in Scranton, PA with photos and details. Kinda sad.


Brownwho63 is at the sink back by the compressor using the Lava Soap to try to scrub the grease off his hands after repacking some wheel bearings. He muttering something about Ghost Bridges and Pocahontas.


Mrs. Anderson just drove in with her new Packard. It has a label on the window that says “Wash with clear water only.” She thinks that means the windshield, so she won’t let us can’t use any windshield washer spray on her windows. I wonder if she uses soap on the body!


More folks are using those new credit cards. In addition to our company gas card, there is now something called the Diners Club card, and you can buy gas with it. I don’t think they will catch on.


Join the gang here at the American Road garage by posting your experiences or news, and Keep the Show on the Road!

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Well, Fagin and I made it to Macungie and back to Allentown despite the heat. The featured car at this year's Awkscht Fescht was the Ford Falcon. They had a very nice year by year display as well as wagon and Ranchero versions. Of course there were a number of Model A and Model T Fords, as well as Auburns, Oaklands, Frasiers, Corvettes, Studebakers, and a very nice Crosley. A couple of Ferraris and a cool Jaguar shared the the foreign car row with my TR3B, a TR4, a TR6, and a gorgeous Volvo 1800ES. Good food, extensive flea market stands, a Car Corral of cars for sale, and live music were all part of the event. Here are the photos.

Edited by Dave Reese
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I thoroughly enjoyed the car photos! Looks like a good turnout.


That TR3 of yours is a real beauty, including the badges.. I liked the shot that included the dash. I can remember those gauges like it was yesterday! And the shot through the windshield was great. You are sitting 6 inches above the pavement, flat on the curves, and with that shifter ready at hand.


You did a good job with the close-ups, too. Nice work!!


Thanks for sharing!


Keep the Show on the Road!

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Well, Fagin and I made it to Macungie...

That quite an event with a wide range of cars and good looking ones, too. Your Triumph included. I never owned one but have driven a couple of TR3s (and a 2 and 4, too) and remember needing to be careful that my elbows didn't drag on the pavement. I didn't even recognize the Crosley. They're a car I don't usually associate with the customizers.

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