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There is a lot going on here at the American Road Garage. Several members of the gang are just back or just leaving for two lane adventures.


Roadhound is headed for the wilds of the Nevada and Utah deserts in the Rickmobile. He will be traveling the Victory, the Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean and the Lincoln along the old 49er emigrant trail across the Salt Lake Basin. Then he returns along the older alignment of the Lincoln and Midland Trail and the Loneliest Road in America. To boot, he takes another two lane adventure along the famed Tioga Pass to Mono Lake and the ghost town of Bodie in early August. Watch for more award winning photos!


Mobilene just returned from a cruse along the National Road in Indiana and Illinois, and is writing that story up for the gang. He may not admit that he hung the Red Rover up on the old brick road, but I will. Then he is off on another two lane cruise the end of the month, including a short section of the Dixie Highway. He is sure to include some terrific insights as to the old alignments and the roadside artifacts he has documented.


Eyerobic has been on the road, and reported on the Blogfest at the Colonial Theater in Phonixville, PA. He posted a photo in his gallery here.


DennyG, the our bon vivant road ranger, recently returned from touring Route 66 across Oklahoma and Texas, clear to the New Mexico border, and did his typically great write up. As usual you meet the interesting folks along the way, so don’t miss a visit to his posts.


Hester_nec has been critiquing old bridges this week on Roadhound’s bridges forum. Strange Mr. Hudsonly didn’t spot the old Hudson in Mobilene’s post on the National Road. Its up front and bold. Must be slippen.... ;)


And ‘ole Keep (me), is packing for a cruse this week along US101, the Columbia River Highway, and US20. And take a look at the virtual US101 videos served up by the Oregon DOT.


That’s just some of the action this week. Post your plans or share your adventure withl all of us.


Keep the Show on the Road!

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I boldly assert that I am unafraid of admitting, and providing photographic evidence of, my road gaffes!


So will there be photos of your jaunt this week, Keep?



As we speak I am preparing a sampler of breakfast on 'ole US 99, better known as the Pacific Highway to us 'ole roadies. Rose of the Road and I did a short drive and had a two lane road morning to share.


Then later this week I'm hoping to spring loose and go down US101 along the coast to Seaside, Oregon, inland along the Columbia River Highway, down to the Snake River on the Old Oregon Trail Highway, and back through the high desert along US20 to Bend, Oregon where my son lives. Then I'll probably take the California - Baniff Beeline on the way back.


I'll take the computer machine along and watch for your write up.


Keep the Show on the Road!

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We've been slowed down by the price of gas. I just don't want to give more to Big Oil than I have to,


However, this next weekend, we hope to get out to Franklin Grove, Il, and Clinton, Ia, to meet Michael Wallis as he promotes his new book on the Lincoln Highway.

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