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American Road® Forum Rss Feed Available

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An RSS feed is now available from the American Road® Forum. This means that, if you use a portal style web page that you've customized with your choice of news headlines, weather, cartoons, and movie schedules, it is very likely that you can have recent American Road® Forum activity appear right next to the latest stock prices and baseball scores. Three of the more popular portals are Google, Yahoo, and AOL and simple instructions for adding the forum feed to those pages are now in Forum Technical Help. Other portal pages should be similar. If you run into problems, please post them whether the page you are using is among these three or not. A forum member just might know the answer.


If you have your own website, you may also want to consider adding the feed for some road related dynamic content and to offer a link to the American Road® Forum. Every situation is different and you won't find any step by step instructions for this in the help section. But that doesn't mean the forum can't help. Some forum member just might know that answer, too.


There is just a touch of the experimental in this so we are anxious to hear how you are using it, how it works for you, etc.

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