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Possible American Road Index

Jack B

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I enjoy American Road magazine very much and have the last seven issues. My wife has odered back issues for me as a treat. I'm anxiously awaiting the mailman.

But that will be a lot of trips on a lot of roads to try to remember, if I want to go back and check the route for the Amish country or the "Blue Valley Drive" in Iowa.

Why not periodically publish an index as part of the last issue of a given year. It would have to be cummulative, of course, but I wouldn't think that it would get out of hand for many years. It could be by state and list the routes or trips that were featured from that state and what issue they appeared in.

Even with just seven issues, now, on my book shelf, I find myself remembering a story about a "Woodpecker" highway in the Southeast but not what issue I saw it in. Just an idea.


Jack Burke

DeKalb, Illinois

"On Lincoln Highway"

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Welcome, Jack! I think what you're looking for might already exist. Check out the link here, and look under the "Are back issues available?" topic. This can be found on the American Road web site.

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Looking through the index, it might be very helpful to have a section of the index by state. When planning a vacation, we are not always following a specific American Road, but staying in one region near a certain city, or a portion of one state. It would speed the process a bit. Thanks for your consideration of this option.

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