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San Antonio Trip

Dave Reese

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I will be staying at the Hyatt Regency across from the Alamo on the River Walk, and I am looking for restaurant and other suggestions for our week in town. My employer of 32 years has an Alumni Club and they plan two trips per year with a corporate subsidy. The Lifetouch Alumni will be meeting March 15-18, but I will be there a few extra days this time and all suggestions are appreciated.

I also found out that my son's USAF assignment has changed, and he will be moving to San Antonio for a year of training starting in June, so there will be additional trips to the area in the near future as well. Thanks for all the help I know I will receive from this wonderful group.

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I sure envy you but I can't really help you much. I've only been on the River Walk once and that was several years ago. I recall having some great BBQ sausage on a patio overlooking the "river" but the name escaped my memory long ago. But I know there are many good restaurants and pubs on the River Walk and walking along until you're tempted by one is certainly pleasant enough. If you find yourself with time available, an hour or so drive to Austin to check out some history and music might be worthwhile.

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I was stationed in San Antonio many years ago and enjoyed the Little Red Barn steak house.

Returned for a visit about 5 years ago and it was still there, but had expanded. Food was still good.

Sorry, I can't remember where the heck it is, except it is near a freeway off ramp. Last time I found it by searching on the internet.

There are also some good restaurants along the Riverwalk, since you are staying downtown. Some of them can be expensive.


John Peters

Virginia Beach, Va.


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Thanks...I will check out the Little Red Barn. I will see if I can track it down. Since we booked this trip, our son's orders were changed by the USAF. He will now be reporting to Randolph AFB in July, after having been at Lackland a few years back while still a cadet at USAFA. So this might just be our first trip there. We are really looking forward to this visit.

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