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Does the forum have a way for members to display photographs?

Absolutely! Each member can start their own Photo Album for other members to view.


How do I start a photo gallery?

  1. Browse to My Controls.
  2. On the left side of the screen, under Menu, scroll to Invision Gallery and click Your Albums.
  3. Click Create Album, then give your album a name and brief description. Check the Public box so other members can view your photos.
  4. Under Controls, drop the menu down and select Upload Image.
  5. Complete the form to add a caption, a description, copyright (optional).
  6. Under Upload Photo, click browse to find your photo on your local drive, then click Post Image.
  7. Do this for each photo you wish to add to your Album.
Can I have more than one Album?

Sure can! Just repeat the steps above to create additional albums.


How do I view member's photographs?

  1. On the main toolbar at the top, click Gallery and that will take you to the main photo gallery.
  2. Browse to the Member's Gallery, and then to a member's particular album by clicking on the album name.
  3. You will see thumbnail versions of the photos. Click on any photo to view a large version, and there will be a navigation Photostrip to browse through the album. You can also view them as a slideshow.
  4. In addition, you can use a photo to send an e-card, rate and comment on photos!
Are there limits to how many files I can upload or the file size / dimensions?

There very well may be; we will amend this question when we figure that out!


For now, the best action to take is to edit your photos using a photo editing program, and resize the photos to 800 X 600 (or smaller) with a maximum file size of 250K.

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