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Ipb Map Mod

Axel Slingerland

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Howdy Hi,


As I said in the brief note the Administrator asked for when I registered, I actually registered to tell you folks about an IPB mod I thought you might like. It's a member map program that has general outline maps of the main continents included in the download archive. I made several maps to add to it, such as a good number of individual countries, all the US States, Canadian Provinces, etc.


However, if you were to set them up right, by applying the proper color palette to the images (which I of course included) you could make almost any image into a usable map. Thus if you found some nice high quality images of highway maps, you could use them as the maps, and the members of your forum could place a pin on one of the maps to indicate their location, their favorite spot, etc.


This mod and a number of others are available for free at The Perfect Page. As I said in that brief note, it isn't my intention to spam your board or make a lame sales pitch. Yes, we do have a couple of mods for sale, but we don't push them on anyone. The majority of our mods are free and we support them all. We also have a number of interesting IPB "tweaks" posted on the forum.


So if the Administrator here is interested in this mod, stop on by and visit us at The Perfect Page. You can see how the member map is set up with the outline maps I mentioned. Then you can imagine how it would look if you used your own maps. Because in my opinion, this forum is an ideal candidate for a map mod like this. If you have someone on your staff who is good with images, you could end up with a nice addition to your forum.

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