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Bluff, Monument Valley, Blazing the Monumental Highway, Hutch

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This is a reply to a friend here, but it may turn into a thread of interest to all.



Are you still with the red Jeep?

Yes, forums have declined in popularity in the face of alternatives like Facebook. I operated a Forum for one of our major auto trails for a while, but when I stopped running it, it was abandoned. No fault, it was mainly used by serious roadies, and that isn’t a huge number.

It sounds like you are headed for some of the most spectacular country in America. It has been a couple of years now since I was in Moab, Bluff, Monument Valley. The Arches, Zion, etc etc. I was meeting up with the son and daughter of pioneer trail blazer, Dolf Andrus, who blazed the Monumental Highway in that area.

I think if you search the Forum for Monumental Highway or Andrus you may find some potentially rewarding stuff I posted a few years ago to enrich your trip. I threw in below a few of my “scenics” of the area mostly 50 years old, with a couple of new ones. Post some of yours if you have time. I would love to see them.

If you intend to spend a little time, I can probably guide you to some interesting sites and road stories in and around Bluff and Monument Valley. And we should share that on the Forum.

I am now in my early 80’s and my wife is limited in her travel ability, so I am mostly enjoying my 70 years of slides, movies, videos, stories, maps, and terrific road adventures gathered over the years. We may get another RV she can be comfortable in, but as you would appreciate, it ain’t like a Jeep!

Oh, I saw Denny Gibson the other day.  He is still the premier roadie!!


Keep the Show on the Road!




Arches holecP3980753.jpg


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On 8/31/2021 at 10:08 AM, Keep the Show on the Road! said:

Oh, I saw Denny Gibson the other day.  He is still the premier roadie!!


Oh is he ever! I am *slightly* (lol) jealous of him. ;) He stopped to see me in late July 2021. It was a great, albeit short, visit, along US 20.


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