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Us 52

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Well it is good to see two "ol" friends post!!!


USRoadman.....slow down!! :) Just about the time I got my eyes focused on a great photo it flashed by. I know I can pause the stream, but they flash by so fast I can't even decide whether I want a longer look before the next image is up. I would double the duration of each image.


Technical issues aside I enjoyed the trip. Your "style" is unique and provides an authentic road view, not just the "pretty" shots of the best views. I feel like I know what the area really looks like.


I know Youtube allows me to click on your "handle" and see a collection of thumbnails of your posts. But if you get some time, why not post a link list of your trips here, so if I wanted to find one in particular, I could.


Great stuff!


And Chris, great to see you are still enjoying the road!!. We both need to share a bit more here than we have lately! :)




Keep the Show on the Road!

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AWESOME!!!! Great photos! You were in areas I was just in this past week ... namely US 52 through & southeast of Dixon IL! &, I plan to be along more parts of US 52 when I'm in the southeast US in April visiting friends (who used to live here in northern IL) in the Darlington SC area.



Cort, www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81mc
"I've got bruises on my memory" | Dwight Yoakam | 'Thousand Miles From Nowhere'
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Thanks everyone for your comments.


And thanks Dave for your suggestions. My attempt at using youtube to show the photos is fairly recent so I'm still learning. I still also have the pictures on Flickr, and I still update my very retro website, but it seems these days youtube gets a lot more traffic so I figured I'd give it a try. (I know most of us on here are by definition retro, but good to show the millennials the beauty of our American roads too.) I was watching a similar video by someone else that had even shorter times, and that was my feeling too, that I couldn't focus. It was harder to tell with my own since I already know what the pictures look like. I was also trying to decide whether to include an audio track. At the moment I have it silent, but they allow you to add a ton of free ones so was considering trying that. I'll try lengthening them too, but I think that requires a re-upload so might take a little while.


I'll also add a topic for the full playlist. Thanks for the suggestion.



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