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New-To-Me 03 G Marquis + Cars To See


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"You better get ready for a brand new day" | Steve Goodman | 'Go Cubs Go'
I apologize for not visiting since 10/04/2016, but you might say I have been busy: MLB playoffs & buying a new-to-me 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis, now my daily driver!
I introduced the 03 MGM here, including a collage of photos & a walk-around video:
When your mechanic guesses the price was $1,000 more than what you actually paid, you might have made a good decision, eh!?
My 1st ROAD TRIP in it will be to Okemos MI (where a friend will take care of my current cavities), then to the Effingham IL area to hopefully take pictures of the 2003 MGM with my 81mc; let me know if you want to meet up along the way!
This 79 CC farewell posted a day after I bought the 03 MGM:
Elsewhere, this posted a week before I bought the Mercury:
Choice of a Chevrolet or a Mercury, 1950s style! Which would you choose?
Then, this posted the Monday after I bought the Mercury:
Dare I say I am starting to feel more motivated to accelerate this new start in my life? Sure hope it fuels more success!
Have any of you ever seen this purple color on a Corvair? I kinda like it!
Life has unexpected turns (I know all too well!), but would you agree that no turn is a wrong turn?
This Kaiser Darrin, a car I would love to see in person, prompted me to ask: what vehicles do you want to see yet!?
BTW, my 1979 Caprice Classic sedan is for sale; if you or anyone you know might be interested, TEXT me:
Cort, www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81mc
"Quarter notes & Hank's half time are poundin' on this heart of mine" | Eric Church | 'Record Year'
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What a difference a few years make? 5 years ago this very week (dates & days), I had my catheterization Monday (11/07/2011), my 4th open heart surgery Friday (11/11/2011), & then today (Saturday evening), I was rushed back into the OR to stop some bleeding. Now, I am surprised by a Cubs World Series win & getting used to a new daily driver!
Cort, www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pig&cowValves.paceMaker * 1979 CC to 2003 MGM + 81mc
"Yes, it's been quite a summer" | Jimmy Buffett | 'Come Monday'
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