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What Does Rare Mean To You!?

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To me, the word -rare- is used a bit too much nowadays! What do you consider rare? Would this coupe fit your critical definition!?
Some cattle humor, with a gorgeous, 2-tone GMC pickup:
Which of these 2 smart promo models would you rather have!?
A surprising street-eye level view of Metro City:
Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
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I have a couple of views on “rare.” One is that it is the best way to order your steak! Bad effort at humor.....but rare doesn't mean good, great, or valuable, but it is often used to imply that.


I have owned a few automobiles in my day that might be rare today, but so what. I once had a Pinto station wagon with classy simulated wood decals!! It also sported a rear window sun screen with cactus motif. I was a single college student, and for some reason it didn't impress the girls.


I bet that car would be “rare” today!! If it didn't explode in an accident, as I am told Pintos sometimes did! I had a sports car before that, but I needed money to go to college, and sold it. I recall I asked a girl out who thought I still had the sports car, and when she saw the Pinto, her actual words were “Oh, that's too bad!” The date went down hill from there......but I digress. :)


I have to admit, when I see “rare” in an ad, I immediately think “junker.” and all they can claim is that there aren't many of them still running.


You asked, so don't blame me!



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