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There was a website that listed every US route and there alignments. It made it very easy to retrace the old routes.


Thing is I can not remember that website's name. It is similar to the: usends.com.

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I tried an online search using some of those "key words" you mentioned, but ... only came up with websites dedicated to specific roads, like Route 66! Maybe it is no longer online?



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Sounds like Robert V. Droz's us-highways.com that went missing last year. There has been some related Facebook chatter and Robert (according to his brother) is on a long (possibly permanent) vacation from the internet along with his website. The WayBackMachine has some of the site from as recent as last November.


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Oh my goodness. The second I opened that link, Denny, I recognized it. I believe that is 1 site I checked out when I was planning my 2009 Route 66 road trip....wow.


&, I second Dave's comments about Denny's site ... his recent Alaska road trip was awesome. Lucky for me, he stopped to see me along US Route 20 on his way back to Ohio!



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