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Toys, Drawings, Hauling History, My Health

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Who remembers these toy vehicles?
These are just some of this type I still have!
Do you have any of the drawings you did as a kid?
This is most of the group of free-hand drawings of modes-of-transportation (with a mansion house) I did during 3 months, early-mid 1982!
A special car hauler, carrying history:
When is the last time you saw this generation of Pontiac Grand Am!?
On an even more personal note, I had my regular cardiology checkup this past Thursday, 05/05/2016, in Chicago. While both valves (pulmonary-pig, aortic-cow) seem to be fine per preliminary results (my cardiologist will read the echocardiogram more thoroughly), the CT scan revealed a SPECK on 1 of my lungs. The report notes cancer, but my cardiologist clarified: the speck was not impressive in the 2011 scan, it was not seen in the 2013 scan & is only slightly bigger now than it was 5 years ago; all of this not exactly characteristic of cancer. My cardiologist referred me to a Northwestern pulmonary doctor for further review, etc. Since Medicaid cannot get specialist for me, she also referred me to a NW vein specialist & a NW nephrologist. Hope to find out next week if I can schedule appointments for all 3 on the same day, which would be most preferable for me, someone who does not like to go into Chicago. The other specialist I need, an orthopedist, my cardiologist was not able to give me a referral, but 2 out of 3 is not bad, right!?
All of this makes me want to get back on the road (my home) & on the radio ASAP (hopefully tying both into OC,SH somehow), but I have no idea how to accomplish those goals.
Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic
"Baseball time is here again" __ Steve Goodman __ 'Go Cubs Go'

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Nothing ever seems to go easy for you,bro. But you are still here. Which in the end is what really counts. Keep on truckin.


It looks like your interest in things automotive is long held!! :) Good memories are worth their weight in gold.


And here, I recently enjoyed doing a project for a consulting firm (pro bono, though they offered to pay) to identify a section of the Red Trail for an historical register application. So love of our heritage highways has a use!!



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Hey Dave!


Nope, it sure isn't ever easy ... but life isn't fair, as we all know. Tough to keep it in perspective at times, but I'm doing far better than many acknowledge. No appointment time(s) have been finalized yet; funny how these issues are always so urgent, then scheduling tests-appointments is either a pain in the rear or agonizingly un-urgent, either of which only adds to the anxiety levels. *rolls eyes*


Oh yes, I've always been interesting in all things automotive ... that has been ingrained into me ... with no chance of ever being "removed", as much as I would've liked it to be the last few years, after having to sell my cars, etc. I whole-heartily agree about the memories. :)


That sounds like an awesome project you did; I can imagine the fun you had doing it!



Cort > www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)
"I had a momentary temporary lack of self control" __ Ty Herndon __ 'I Want My Goodbye Back'

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