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Please Vote! + Parkcrastination? + 1985 Ss!?

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Thrilled to announced that Tommy (Lil Red) made it to the finalist round of the Search For A Champion Sparks Plug Amateur Group Contest! Getting into this round means a $1,000 award with other perks for this racing season; a win now would mean a $10,000 grand prize. So, will you please vote for him once a day until 03/23/2016?
Probably a good idea to proofread, otherwise you might condone sinning at a hymn sing:
Which of these 2 would you save: Corsica or Vega?
Speaking of the Vega, when is the last time you have seen its cousin, the Pontiac Astre?
Anyone suffer from parkcrastination!?
Bet you thought the 2003 SS Concept Car & the 2013-2016 SS sedan were the 1st 2 SSs ever available. Wrong! This is the 1985 Shoebox Special SS, which I made:
I love 2-tones & this is a cool Pontiac Grand Prix!
BTW, for those in Illinois: why are people complaining about paying a late fee for the license renewal sticker? I know the state is not sending out reminders anymore, but it is your responsibility to pay on time! What happened to personal responsibility & NOT depending on the government!? Where is my reward for getting mine on time!?
Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)
"I saw an old Malibu" __ Doug Stone __ 'I Thought It Was You'

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