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1 From Each Big 3? + My Daily Driver Options!


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It does not take much to spark many memories, which is partly why I launched OC,SH:
2 days after that meme I created posted, I celebrated the year anniversary of launching my website 01/19/2015!
& now, having sold my 1989 Caprice Classic Brougham 09/01/2015 (& the other family of cars I owned prior to that) I am looking for a new vehicle to go along with my new life chapter (part-time Office Manager, started 12/09/2015) & become the new OC,SH flagship vehicle. Once my 1979 Caprice Classic sedan is sold (sooner the better due to some memories it sparks), I want to buy 1 of these for year-round daily driving:
1990-1991 Mercury Grand Marquis
1992-1993 Buick Roadmaster
1992-1995 Mercury Grand Marquis
1995 Ford Thunderbird
Anything I should look out for on any of these particular years & models?
(& no, I do not want suggestions of other vehicles to consider!)
This past week, while the radiator was replaced in the 1979 CC, my mechanic loaned me a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis for the day. It was niiiice, but I would prefer cloth seats to vinyl-leather.
Instead of making 2 topics, including some highlights. Having the part-time job has forced me to change some schedules, so I have not had the opportunity to participate here as much as I would like or as much as I used to visit, at least not yet.
What 1 vehicle (vintage or new) from each of the Big 3 (Dodge, Ford, GM) would you choose to represent each company?
Iconic nameplate: the Ford Thunderbird! Did you know these details?
Vintage K-9 Dodge:
Ad for the 1-year-only 1977 Pontiac Can Am + some did-you-know info:
A neat diorama (more cued for future feature) from Tom, who designed the Christmas Cards I featured this past December:
Anyone into motorcycles!? 2 vintage ones a friend saw:
Cort ;) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve.paceMaker.cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (needs new owner)
"Fire me up" __ Def Leppard __ 'Pour Some Sugar On Me'
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