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Weekend! Rare Colors, Pontiac-Ford, Plymouth


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It is so cool to arrive at the weekend with it having meaning again! Yep, it is only a part-time job & will take a long time to replenish my savings, but it is a start. Yesterday (Friday), I successfully completed my 1st full week back to work after nearly 4 years of no job. My next full week is the 1st week of January 2016 due to the Holidays. Also Friday, I received my 1st paycheck in over 3 years! Have not decided how to celebrate, but I have a few ideas.
Meantime, this weekend (specifically today, Saturday, 12/19/2015) marks 3 years since I launched Old Cars, Strong Hearts:
Multiple-meanings: a not-tired Mercury Cougar!
From the sports world, is this green Plymouth a car you would own or just like to drive?
Which do you want most: Pontiac Grand Prix or Ford Mustang?
Speaking of the Ford Mustang, I do not believe I have ever seen 1 in this color! What rare colors have you seen?
Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com
pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve | 1979 Caprice Classic (awaiting new owner)
"Remember that fat boy, bring that kid, if you want to see New Year's Eve" __ Mona Abboud, native/resident of Sleepy Hollow IL __ 'The Pretty Little Dolly'
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