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Safe General Lee! Taxi-Squad. License Plates Seen?


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Perhaps the undercarriage of the General Lee is a safer view of the now (in)famous car?!
This Ford Crown Victoria may have an identity crisis: squad or taxi!
A friend regularly sees this license plate on a 1968 Camaro:
What have you seen?
Some I have seen in IL over the years:
WHAT V 8, Subaru Outback wagon
BMW AT 40, Pontiac Grand Am
GET IT UP, black HHR, driven by an older gentleman
TUTH D K, Honda Civic coupe
I FOR N I, black Hummer
TOODLN 1, Blazer
RAUDI, Audi wagon
CUB KRZY, Toyota minivan
MINI HUM, Honda Element, with an "H3" graphic on the rear
TULBOX 3, white Saturn L300
TRRRBO 2, orange Neon
LV MAUI 1, blue Infiniti
BBQ HR 1, maroon Acura
SMOKD UP, yellow GTO
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