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Model T's To Follow National Park To Park Highway

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In the course of preparing for a road trip of my own, I “discovered” the National Park to Park Vintage Motel T Tour, which is launching next Tuesday (August 25th) from Moraine Campground in Rocky Mountain National Park. I have decided to connect with them on Tuesday, God willing and the river don't rise!


My route is likely to be from my home in Olympia along the Yellowstone Trail to Billings, Montana, then south along the Custer Battlefield Hiway to Casper, and down the Yellowstone Highway and Park to Park route to Rocky Mountain NP.


But what I wanted to do here is make sure interested folks had the web site for the Model T event.




There is a day by day itinerary. Given the scope of their plans, there will be changes, but odds are they will be passing your way if you live in the west.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Sure am wishing I lived out west to see this in person ... or even had the $$ to do a road trip to meet up with them somewhere along the way.


Hope you are enjoying your time on the road. ;)



Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

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Sorry I'm so late to the party. By now you've probably been cruising with the top down and having Ford-to-Ford chats with the Model T guys while dodging elk and photographing mountain goats. Sounds like a great trip. If only I knew what the past tense of bon voyage was.

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