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Oregon's Bashful Bridge

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As always, your photography is spectacular. Looking at your blog is a real treat for the eyes, and the mind.


The Oregon Coast is one of our favorite places and I see you are enjoying it as well. We get down as far as Florence fairly often (maybe two or three times a year). That coastal area actually has pretty nice weather in the winter, with lots of variety and drama....and some amazing wild life. Few aircraft though! :)


We always enjoy your posts!!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Nice report, I was last up the Oregon Coast five years ago, of course I didn't notice your bridge. I love US 101 through Oregon, the prettiest road I have ever been on.


Dale S

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The Oregon Coast, especially the southern part, has become a favorite destination of mine over the last couple of years. We spent 5 days in Brookings last summer and it was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever had. I got up before the sun each day to catch the morning light at sunrise, napped in the afternoon, and was back out on the beach in the evening to catch the sunsets. I felt like a real nature photographer.

I find the bridges along the Oregon Coast to be spectacular. Most have that classic art deco style from the 30's with graceful arches that compliment the surrounding landscape. Except for the Thomas Creek Bridge which you have no idea what it looks like when you cross over it and even when you pull over at one end or the other it is still hard to tell what it looks like, which is probably why I found it so intriguing and needed to get a photo of it. I do have a plan for next time that involves ropes and a machete.


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