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Documenting The Yt & Nph From Wenatchee To Spokane In Washington

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I finally was able to go document and check on the condition of the route along the National Parks Hwy & the post 1925 route of the Yellowstone Trail. This as you all know is the Old Sunset highway from Wenatchee to Spokane. It was sunny most of the time and it was fun checking out the old route.


The part of the Sunset Highway going through Quincy and across the ferry was not part of the Yellowstone trail. The Yellowstone Trail post 1925 used Blewett Pass, as it had become a viable route by then.


I put up a page of my journey and you can view it at the below link.




Happy motoring


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I had the privilege of a preview of your post, and I am still overwhelmed by what you accomplished is such a short time. I have messed with the National Parks Highway in Washington for several years and in a single stroke, you surpassed all my work. I am glad I encouraged your interest!


I might have a few comments and questions, but there is so much to digest I don't know where to begin! (Curt and his wife are stopping for coffee in Olympia Saturday, and I will get to meet them. We will have lots to discuss, and I hope he will share whatever passes between us with the forum.)


Now I want to explore the “southern loop” of the National Parks Highway, that proceeded the use of Blewett Pass. Two required ferry crossings of the Coumbia River within 25 miles as the crow flies has got to be “special.”


A great job, and the definitive post on the subject.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Curt C and his lovely wife Leona met Sheila and me for breakfast Saturday morning. It was a little like a reunion of old buddies, although we had never met. Something about a love of the old roads and the places they take you creates a common bond. We rattled off discoveries and shared interests at full throttle.


Curt has been a student of the two lane routes for several years and has a fine web site devoted to the Pacific Highway (US99). He is an accomplished road sleuth, with far more energy and talent than I for discovering the interesting and historically significant. His wife is a talented road companion.


When Sheila and I were half way to the restaurant, I remembered my camera was in the other car, so I don't have photos to share, but we will certainly get together on another occasion and include mug shots.


The Washington wing of the forum is slowly growing, with Eric (Sit Properly), Curt C and myself covering the roadsides. Curt had an interest in the Sunset Highway, one of the original named roads in Washington dating back to the teens. I suggested to him a few weeks ago that the National Parks Highway might be a complementary interest because it followed the Sunset Trail, and he has taken off with it. I am quickly being eclipsed, but I'm delighted. Frankly the route deserves the talent and enthusiasm he brings to it.


Good job Curt!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Like Jim, this thread has stirred up my desire to visit the northwest. Although I've driven the coast, there's a bunch of space between Wisconsin and Washington that I've yet to see. I intend to travel the YT some day but it will be at least a year or two. Hopefully you folks will have it all sorted out for me.

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I was in the northwest in 2011 ... but didn't get a chance to explore like I'd like. I have the TIME now, but not the $$..... Maybe someday.


Meantime, I'll keep enjoying reports like these. ;)





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