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Found A Dated Slab Of Concrete In Cashmere, Wa

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Hello Forum


This weekend my wife and I took a trip over the old Yellowstone Trail / Sunset Hwy from Fall City to Vantage then up to Quincy to Wenatchee. The next day we continued to Waterville and on to the Moses Coulee. I will post more photos of our trip in the next week.


We had a great time driving on the abandoned roadbed near Trinidad and I believe we found an old original wooden bridge just North of Trinidad. I will post the photo I got from the side of the road but unfortunately this bridge in on private property. I plan on asking the owner if we can drive down there to get closer photos.


The old abandoned roadbed in the Moses Coulee was excellent. I read all the posts about it here and had to see it for myself. (Photos to come.)


On our way back we took the newer route through Cashmere and then over Blewett Pass on our way home.


When we came onto the Old Monitor Road on the way to Cashmere, we found an older alignment now called Careys Corner. On the other side of SR2 we found an old Indian cemetery alongside the old alignment. As my wife was looking at the graves I walked up to photo the old concrete road. As I looked down there it was, a dated slab! It was exciting to actually find one. I learned from reading the posts on this forum about the old concrete slabs being dated in places where they finished the days work. But to find one myself was really cool.


I wanted to share my discovery with you.




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What a great find! When that was poured, it was on the National Parks Highway, and of course later (1926) also on the Yellowstone Trail.


I hope I manage in the future to add to your interest in the Sunset Highway and Yellowstone Trail by getting you interested in the National Parks Highway. The history of the Sunset Highway is considerably more entwined with the National Parks Highway than with the better known Yellowstone Trail.


The route of the Yellowstone Trail and its great story is well documented. The National Parks Highway is not. Interested in becoming the expert?




Keep the Show on the Road!

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