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With two of those you could capture those birds in 3D.


Regarding the matched Canons, I've got to wonder about the value of the zoom lenses. I imagine you can only use them at one end or the other unless you wanted some real "artsy" stuff in your stereo images.

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Hey Denny,

I do have two of those cameras. I shoot with such a short field of focus not much room for 3D.

BTW, one is heavy enough for me.


Those dual cameras are a trip, maybe 3D in video mode??



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Denny recalls my little two camera lash up. Those were inexpensive cameras, and worked very well. Frankly, unless I was shooting for Imax, why would I need the quality of those cameras to view images on my PC or TV? I suppose on a 60 inch TV viewed at 10 feet it might make a difference.


I'm not knocking whoever owns that lash up. I bet they have some spectacular stereo pairs. And if nothing else, they must get some questions when they pull that baby out for a shot.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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