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Waves, Races, Fires, Old Times, Yellowstone Trail, And Warrenite

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Sheila and I just got back from a great road trip. I want to share several stories and experiences that might be of interest, but I will have to do it piecemeal.


A quick recap....we spent three days on the Washington and Oregon coast, then traveled east following the route of the first ever transcontinental auto race (1905, NY to Portland). I have noted this race before. Denny may remember that I invited him to meet me in Idaho at the Craters of the Moon to follow in the old dirt tracks. Denny, I just couldn't wait any longer....I'm getting old.


Then we drove into the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho, and braved forest fires that so filled the canyons with smoke, it was hard to see cars even with their headlights on. Then we drove though the golden hills of the Palouse country of southeast Washington along the pre 1927 Yellowstone Trail. I visited Washington State University where I did some of my graduate work. We revisited old haunts....gees how much changes in 40 years!! My favorite restaurant of all time (the Hilltop) had just disappeared and the foundations for a motel extension were being laid where I used to hoist a frosty one to my future hopes and good fortune.. I guess my good fortune lasted longer than the Hilltop!!


We discovered an original Warrenite brass marker dated May 7, 1918 embedded in its original pavement in a small Palouse town. I went to city hall and told the folks that maybe they should not pave over that piece of history, to which they replied “Huh?” We then drove to Spokane.


In Spokane we drove the original YT out of town and talked with the owner of a named Yellowstone Trail Garage who didn't know it's history. He was genuinely excited when I showed him original (Then) pictures, and took some (Now) shots for the forum.


Then we hit the interstate for home and lost all the joy in road travel.....I recall nothing except rest stops and a cookie cutter burger.....sorry folks, that part of the trip is all a blur. I hope we get computer controlled cars for the interstates soon so I can just take a nap.


More later!

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So that's what you've been up to.


I certainly recall the invitation when I was on the west coast last year and am sure glad you got out there. Hope you weren't really waiting. Looking forward to details, photos, and wild tales. Sorry about the Hilltop but perhaps your graduation was more of a financial hit to them then you realized. You can hardly expect a place to survive if their former regulars don't at least stop in every decade or so.


Thanks for introducing me to a new word. Yes, I should have known what Warrenite was but didn't. I don't expect much luck in using it in conversation today but will report any successes here.

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Yep, Dave, I agree ... road trips top hospitals ... by far! Glad to know all is OK now. I was in the ER in early July and hospitalized for pneumonia.





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