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Accomodations French Lick, In Area

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In 2014 my car club, the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, in hosting it's annual International meet at the French Lick Springs resort - @ $139 a night. Add taxes to that and I would suspect thier restaurant food prices are in line with the room rate. A lot expensive for us po' folk!!!! Somebody had to have a moment of insanity to book us there.


So, my question for all you rolling roadies out there what other accomodations might be available, say in a 25 mile circle (closer would be better), that offer accomodations in the $50 to $100 range, maybe $75 to $110 would be better to search for. I'd also like to know about reasonable eating places - we just held our 2012 meet in Gettysburg at a Wyndham hotel at $139 a night. Even tho I had a room-share $80 (including taxes - daily) a night was close to the edge for me. Word got out quick that we didn't have to buy $15 hamburgers at the hotel resturant - if you're ever in Gettysburg have your meals at the Gettysburg Family Resturant - great food at prices under $15.


I've checked out a couple places within 25 or 30 miles, rates in those venues run $55 to $140 - it looks like to me all these motels are trying to keep up with French Lick.


I will be eternally greateful for any information you may be able to provide.



Thank you



Alex Burr

Memphis, TN

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I can't help with the lodging, since I always stay in one of the timeshare units behind the hotel. However, you also asked about food, and I think I can help there. The folowing is a list of places I have eaten in the area that I can recommend.


Black Buggy Restaurant

8331 West State Road 56

West Baden Springs, IN 478469

(812) 936-5390

Amish buffet - same building as the indoor go-kart track


Chicagos Pizza

8498 W State Road 56

French Lick, IN 47432

(812) 936-2962

very good pizza


Dennys Restaurant

8695 W Jack Carnes Way

French Lick, IN 47432

(812) 936-6030


German Cafe

656 N Gospel St

Paoli, IN 47454

(812) 723-3007

German food - located across from Wal-Mart


Jodys Restaurant and Lounge

452 Maple St

French Lick, IN 47432

(812) 936-2871

pizza and tenderloin sandwich are both very good


Miguels Mexican Restaurant

8345 W State Road 56

West Baden Springs, IN 47469

(812) 936-9200


Rowboat Cafe

8345 W State Road 56

West Baden Springs, IN 47469

(812) 936-5288


Schnitzelbank Restaurant

393 3rd Ave

Jasper, IN 47546

(812) 482-2640

German food - upscale but very good


There are other places in French Lick and West Baden Springs as well - the Dairy Queen for sandwiches and ice cream, the French Lick Winery Vintage Cafe with limited hours and a limited menu, and a couple of others that I have not tried yet.

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