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Great images of Cool Springs! I especially liked the evening shots.


I didn't know the story behind it's reconstruction. I noted that the surface color of the pillars on either side of the pumps is different than than the stone above, so I suppose they were the original pillars.


Also, and this is perhaps mistaken, but Mobile gas (on the pump) and Atlas tires (sign beside the pillar) are, I think, a mismatch. I believe Atlas was marketed by Standard Oil and Chevron, not Mobile. When I worked in an Associated (Flying A) station in the 50's, the Chevron station just down the road sold the Atlas tires. I recall if a customer wanted Atlas, I had to walk down to our competitor and roll a few back to our station.


Alas, where have the brands of my youth gone....out to the scrap heap of fond memories!


Again, great photos and history.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Alas, where have the brands of my youth gone....out to the scrap heap of fond memories!



They still there, just called something different now. Atlas was originally manufactured by the Gillette Safety Tire Co. which was bought by the United States Rubber Co. which eventually became Uniroyal, then Uniroyal Goodrich and finally ended up as Michelin...at least that's what it says in Wikepedia.


Dave, you are correct about the original pillars. The lighter colored stone work was all that was standing when I passed through there in the late 90's. Somewhere in the 100's of yellow boxes of slides I have a picture of it but wasn't able to find it.


One item I neglected to mention in my blog posting was that the museum hosts a complete collection of Rolling Stones LPs. They are all framed and hanging on the wall. The majority of them are signed by Mick, Keith, and the gang.



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