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Niece On The Way...

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Since late April when we first learned my sister is pregnant with their 2nd child, my nephew has been adamant that he is having a little sister. When asked if a baby brother was OK, he simply replied, "I'm having a little sister!"


Last week, my nephew's wishes were confirmed ... my little sister is having a girl! My niece should arrive in late November. My nephew is THRILLED!



Being an uncle the last 3+ years has been awesome. I originally honed my "corrupting skills" for friends' kids, but I've perfected them with my nephew. When I was in the hospital last week, he brought the "Monte Carlo" bear (that I bought him) to help me get out of the hospital quicker....




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"One more sad story's one more than I can stand" __ Anne Murray __ 'A Little Good News'

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