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I haven't been participating here much since probably last Spring as my work and other personal commitments have really consumed me. I did just the one road trip last year, the National Road in Ohio, and that shot my road-trip works for the year. And of course we got the Michigan Road named a state historic byway.


I'm thinking about doing more Dixie Highway in 2012. I've traveled it from the Indiana line north of South Bend down to Indy and then to Bloomington. I'd like to do the segment from the Illinois line to Indy that mostly follows US 136. I know of an abandoned bridge that used to be on the road, and a couple old alignments. I also want to keep going south from Bloomington.


I've also had thoughts about following the abundant old alignments of SR 37 south from where the Dixie veers away. The road isn't historically significant down there other than just being old, but it has been an important corridor and therefore has been realigned over the years. You know how I loves me some old alignments.


I've also thought about revisiting the Michigan Road. It's been 4 years since my original survey. As I have made trips in support of the Byway, I've visited some southern Indiana sections again and can see how things have evolved over time. I drive the segment between Indy and South Bend all the time -- funny how I don't feel like things have changed much along that section, but I'm sure they have, just as surely as I know my children are taller than they were 4 years ago but I haven't really noticed day to day how they've grown.


All that's more road tripping than I'll have time for, but at least I have some items on my radar.


The Historic Michigan Road Association officially organized in January, and to my delight and chagrin I was elected its first president. Delight because I'm honored; chagrin because I simply am too busy to do the post justice. First order of business: incorporate and become a 501©(3). I got drafted to do the 501©(3) paperwork. Frankly I think I'd rather have half of my teeth pulled! But I'm about 2/3 of the way through it.



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I almost forgot. Last December I found a section of the National Road in Putnam County, Indiana, that I'd been looking for. There's a 1925 bridge on an old alignment, and I've heard that the roadway and abutments of an even older bridge still stood nearby. I could never find them because of dense trees and brush, but with the trees bare there it was.




National Road path by mobilene, on Flickr




National Road path by mobilene, on Flickr


This will show up in my blog on March 15. (I write posts in advance and queue 'em up.) blog.jimgrey.net.


I also finally found the sign to the Cedar Crest Motel, thanks also to the leaves being down. It's on the only brick alignment of the National Road still extant in Indiana. The road is on private property today and is gated off. The decaying motel still stands, but there were angry dogs looking quite willing to jump the fence and nibble on my keister, so I quickly shot the sign and moved on. This is also in Putnam County.




Cedar Crest Motel sign by mobilene, on Flickr

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We have missed you but it is obvious you haven't been resting on your laurels!


Even though it is an extra demand on your time, the organization could not have done better than have you as the first president. We know from experience your skills and knowledge.


As for the bridge and motel sign, terrific!


Cheers and don't be a stranger!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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National Road path by mobilene, on Flickr



LOVE this shot, Jim! It's amazing what can be discovered, given the right time and place.


Glad to see you are still around and alive. :)





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