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need thoughts and suggestions--planning 14 day road trip early sept.we plan to leave greenville,sc .drive8-10 hours heading to niagra falls.once there we want to tour and go into canada,head to boston where we plan to stay few days for touring and sightseeing.thinking about day trips to cape area and want to go up into coast of maine for short distance-say to portland.head back home and possible stop in and around amish country in lancater,penn. question? can we do it in our14 day time frame?suggested sights and length of stay in certain areas?best or suggested route/


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I think you've picked a region that is terribly under represented on the forum. I've been to Niagara Falls exactly once and my own first ever trip to Boston was scuttled last year by hurricane Irene. Hopefully Alex, who at least used to live in Maine, will show up with some pointers.


I have been to Lancaster a few times and always associate it with the Lincoln Highway. One possible route to Lancaster would be picking up the Lincoln Highway at Philadelphia or Trenton or sooner and following it to Lancaster or beyond. If beyond, you could include a stop at the Gettysburg battlefield. Another path would be along US 22 or I 78. That would bring you near Allentown where forum member Dave Reese is heavily involved with the America on Wheels museum.

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I don't think you're going to make it from Greenville to Niagara Falls in that time frame (it's close to 800 miles) but you have lots of options from there. If you choose to loop around Lake Ontario on the Canadian side you can re-enter the U.S. around the Thousand Islands area of Upstate New York. Or you could pick up US-20 (America's longest road!) in Buffalo and take it to its eastern terminus in Boston. This takes you through the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York and close to historic Cooperstown, which is worth a day trip in and of itself. There are some very interesting places to visit in Massachusetts too, like Hancock Shaker Village, which sits right on US-20.


From Lancaster, if you aren't already pressed for time at that point, you might take US-11 back toward Greenville. It's a very pleasant drive, and you can always jump onto I-81 if you need to pick things up a bit. You can pick up I-26 to get you most of the rest of the way home, or get off in Asheville and follow the historic Dixie Highway route back to Main Street in downtown Greenville.


Good luck, and have a great trip.



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Here's a web-site you might find helpful in planning your time in PA Duth Country:


This is one of several lodging locations owned by the Smuckers family. Guests of their motels can take a very nice complimentary tour through the country with stops at some Amish farms. A couple of great restaurants are The Bird In hand Family Restaurant and Good & Plenty.


In Boston, I would plan on parking your car and taking guided tours or relying on public transportation. Not only is Boston very hard to find your way around but if you're lucky enough to find what you want, there's no place to park.


From Niagara, you might consider finding you way to Watertown, NY and taking Highway 3 through the Adirondacks. You can then catch a ferry across Lake Champlain to Burlington, VT. Stowe, VY is a great place to visit. Along the way at Lockport, NY you can take a tour boat on the Erie Canal that's kind of fun.


With the exception of Provincetown, I didn't find Cape Cod to interesting.


I would agree with Denny G. that the northest states are overlooked as a great place to visit - they have everything, mountains, big cities and the sea shore.


Have A Great Trip!!

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