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Robert E. Lee / Dixie Highway Monuments


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Yep, that's what I'll be driving unless something drastic happens between now and then. I have been giving it a good workout in preparation for the LH tour. I drove it on a 2,200 round trip to the Jefferson Highway conference in Olathe, KS with a sidetrip through Missouri on Route 66. Then we did our loop on the sourthern Dixie Highway. Last weekend we did a 400 mile day trip to northern Georgia. The car is doing what it is supposed to, at least for now. I hope you are able to bring the Valiant.

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I just completed a nineteen day trip that included about 1700 miles of Dixie Highway. The journal is here. I'm posting in this thread because one of the things accomplished on the trip was reaching the seven DH-Lee markets I hadn't yet seen. As proven by the fact that I'd previously driven by several of these markers without seeing them, I couldn't have done it without Mike's excellent instructions. The directions and photos posted about five entries back are more than enough to get anybody there and I'm going to augment them with numeric coordinates not because they're needed but because I can.


Franklin, Ohio - N39° 32.701' W84° 18.933'
TN/NC State Line - N35° 55.083' W82° 54.759'
Hot Springs, NC - N35° 53.467' W82° 49.912'
Marshall, NC - N35° 47.851' W82° 41.042'
Asheville, NC - N35° 35.698' W82° 33.105'
Fletcher, NC - N35° 26.572' W82° 30.369'
Hendersonville, NC - N35° 18.857' W82° 27.658'
NC/SC State Line - N35° 11.017' W82° 25.670'
Greenville, SC - N34° 51.312' W82° 23.821'
Bradfordville, FL - N30° 40.123' W84° 09.812'
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