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Another Piece Of Old Lincoln Hwy

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One last post in this area.


About 2.5 miles east of Schellbourne Bar & Cafe (Closed) on US 93 up Schellbourne Road to the east is a sign for the first transcontinental telegraph.


39 47.398 N 114 41.745 W




There is also a piece of an original post. The sign said there are more stumps, but I didn't see any.





Taking off from behind the sign are the tracks for the Overland Stage, then Pony Express, the first telegraph and finally the first Lincoln Hwy going west. The first .6 of a mile is driveable with high clearance. After that the road get pretty washed out through erosion in the many years. This section to old Lincoln Hwy is 2.1 miles and ends at old US 93, which is about a 1/2 mile east of modern US 93.




The road here is kind of a sandy ditch, glad I was on my dirt bike.




You can see where the old road washed out on the left and the newer one went to the right. In the background is Schellbourne Bar & Cafe and a couple trucks on the right

on the new highway.





My last post in this area this year, thanks for coming along.



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Egads! The tracks show that I drove right by this without seeing it. I think that by that point, I was looking at the gas gauge as much as the roadside.


Wonderful photos and reporting. I've enjoyed it all and have a nice "to see" list for my next pass. Thanks.

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One more thing, the west end of the Old Lincoln Hwy where it turns south on Old US 93 is at


39 48.160 N 114 43.909 W


Thank you all for the kind words.


I changed the alone to along.


Also changed Scellbourne Station to Schellbourne Bat & Cafe (Closed).


I may look for the Simpson Park Station near Austin next, moving that way.




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This has been an excellent trip! I'm glad you shared it with us. -Jim




I've viewed the pictures and read through all of your posts on this trip. Holy cow ... so ... simply ... awesome! Very glad you shared it with us here.






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