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The Newer Lincoln Hwy In Western Utah

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Sorry about the the Title, this is about the older route that followed the Overland Stage, Pony Express and the Telegraph.


The older Lincoln Hwy in Western is a wide dirt road now. There are some things to see along the way. Starting about five miles north

of Callao, UT. The first thing that came up was the Sixmile ranch:




At the beginning of Overland Canyon is the Pony Express Canyon Station, It replaced a wooden station that was burnt down by indians three

miles away. Notice the gun port on the far wall.




From Canyon Station looking up Overland Canyon. The Overland Stage used this route before the Pony Express.





This is a monument for the Pony Express that is a couple hundreds yards off the road with a deep wash between. I used a telephoto lens

for this picture.




This may have been the old Lincoln Hwy, taken near the last picture as the road came out of Overland Canyon.




Finally an old building west of Ibapah, UT.




That is it for the Lincoln Hwy in Utah. Next Lincoln Hwy in Eastern Nevada.



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Thanks for the correction, there is an airstrip there on my map that makes look like a "b" on the end.


I also titles it as the new route when it was the older one.



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Now that looks familiar. I remember standing at Canyon Station for quite awhile trying to imagine getting ready to head out on that winding road (which wasn't even really a road then) at the helm of an Overland coach. When I try stuff like that, I have mixed success with the physical part and know that I haven't a clue as to the mental sensation of almost complete isolation. Of course, any empathy I'd managed to create evaporated quickly as I drove off in my semi-sealed air-conditioned rubber-tired vehicle with nary a horse's rump in sight.

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