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Passing Through Zanesville

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My NR trip brought me to Zanesville. Up to here, the NR was built more or less on Zane's Trace -- same Zane as in Ville. Zane's Trace curve southwest from here, leaving the NR behind.


The town is well kept.



Zanesville, OH by mobilene, on Flickr


And it has a grand courthouse.



Muskingum County Courthouse by mobilene, on Flickr


The obligatory courthouse-lawn military monuments at least take a unique twist in Zanesville.



Helmets by mobilene, on Flickr


The famous Y-bridge, the fifth on this spot, is of course at the heart of town.



Y Bridge by mobilene, on Flickr


A railroad bridge straddles the Y bridge. This train was slowly coming in for a stop.



Zanesville, OH by mobilene, on Flickr


This mosaic in the sidewalk stands before a vacant lot. How much you wanna bet a Chevy dealer once stood here? A commenter on my Flickr site attributes this work to the Mosaic Tile Company of Zanesville.



Zanesville, OH by mobilene, on Flickr


This odd display is on the lot where the Chevy dealer once stood.



Zanesville, OH by mobilene, on Flickr

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Zanesville is a big pottery area. The National Road museum east of town is really a National Road/Zane Grey/Zanesville Pottery museum. A year or two ago they had painted vases around town like Cincinnati had flying pigs, Chicago had cows, and Amarillo had horses. Many were sold to benefit local charities but not all. I'm told that the "odd display" in your last picture is the leftovers. I'm guessing that the prices are becoming pretty reasonable in case you saw one you liked.

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