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National Road Remnants


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Between Morristown and Old Washington, I-70 was built very close to, and sometimes on top of, US 40 and the National Road. It makes following the old road a little challenging. I had to cross over I-70 in a couple places, and in another I had to take a wide detour over some crappy gravel roads. But I'm determined -- or is that nuts? They are so often two sides of the same coin.


Hendrysburg, the first town west of Morristown, has the ignominy of having been bypassed twice, first by US 40 and then by I-70. There's not much to the town. Here's where the National Road alignment ends to its west.



Just past Hendrysburg by mobilene, on Flickr


In many places where the old road remains it is forlorn but peaceful.



County Road 40A by mobilene, on Flickr



Waymor Rd. by mobilene, on Flickr


The only National Road S bridge that you can still drive is back here. It looks pretty solid to me, but engineers who make it their business to know such things say that it has deteriorated badly and will need restoration very soon.



Salt Fork S Bridge by mobilene, on Flickr



Salt Fork S Bridge by mobilene, on Flickr



Salt Fork S Bridge by mobilene, on Flickr


Just past the S bridge, the road disappears once again into the fill of I-70.



Wings Lane? by mobilene, on Flickr

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It was great to see those Imperials. I would have liked to get up close to them but out in the middle of nowhere you just never know how friendly an owner might be.


According to bridge inspectors, if that S bridge doesn't get some attention, it may become undriveable!


Here's the photo that shows up as missing above.



Wings Lane? by mobilene, on Flickr

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