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The Brick Road At Blaine

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Okay, one shot of the bridge. That's my college buddy Jeff there in the orange. I picked him up in Wheeling. I hadn't seen him in 20 years.



The S Bridge at Blaine by mobilene, on Flickr


I was just as interested in the road itself.



Brick National Road by mobilene, on Flickr


Here it leads away from the S bridge westbound.



Brick National Road by mobilene, on Flickr


Soon there's a gate and the park portion of the road ends. But the road itself keeps going.



Brick National Road by mobilene, on Flickr


It's considerably overgrown.



Brick road leading to the Blaine S Bridge by mobilene, on Flickr


And soon it ends. It looks like it's buried under the fill for modern US 40. There are two driveways to houses along this section of the road -- apparently, this road was in use through the mid 90s. These two houses now have access via modern US 40.



End of the line by mobilene, on Flickr

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Good stuff! This is probably my second favorite bridge on the National Road (and #1's not far away).


Maybe there is more to it than one afternoon with a bucket of Round-Up but it always bugs me to see grass and worse growing in otherwise solid brick sections. I haven't been there this year but in summers past the "park" area was fairly well maintained with some flowers, etc, and it looks like the area around the bench has at least been mowed not too long ago. I've always liked the steps that lead up to the newer bridge. I've only climbed them once but I "like" them every time.


The mile marker that was originally embedded in the bridge currently stands where the old road, now called Pasko, joins up with US-40. You can pull over from Forty. Since I didn't see any pictures of it, I'm assuming you didn't stop. Just another reason to return.

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Awesome shots, Jim! Glad you shared 'em with us.




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