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Here is part of a project I have been working on. First I made an overlay from a 1946 USGS Topo map so I could line up the old RT 66 alignment to the East of town. Most of it was covered over by I-40. To the South of I-40 is an access road. This road was moved 30 feet South when I-40 was built so it is not an original Rt 66 road bed. Along this road were several businesses that we were along the road. On the map A=Martin's Motel, B=Sleepy Hollow Motel, and C=Whiting Brothers Gas Station. Martin's Motel is still standing but both of the others have been cleared away. I have included pictures of the two motels but so far have been unable to locate a picture of the Whiting Brothers.


So if anyone has any information about this area I would love to hear from you.







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Wish I had information to help you out with this. Looks like a great project. I love historic things like this.




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