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Sebak's Breakfast Special

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When I woke up this morning, I turned on the TV and was about to switch to local news when I recognized Rick Sebak's voice on the PBS station I had watched last. I was totally unaware of Rick's "Breakfast Special" which had premiered in July. Then I felt even dumber when I learned that two of the restaurants Rick featured in the program are in nearby Columbus, Ohio, and that I had not eaten at either.


It's not a road trip show but it does include spots from New York to California. It's nicely done and includes conversations with the owners, the patrons, and the food. Seeing it prompted a visit to Rick' blog where I read that, though eight restaurants appeared in the show, Rick & crew had actually visited seventeen. That means a "Breakfast Special 2" is in the works. I again signed up for the blog (not sure when or how I dropped it) and I've plugged those Columbus restaurants (Skillet & Best Breakfast) into the GPS.

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