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Attention Hoosiers (and Nearby Duct Tape Addicts)


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This isn't a road trip -- yet -- but Red Green is coming to Anderson, Indiana, and I'm seriously thinking about it. His show will be at the very cool 1929 (it's been restored) Paramount Theater. Of course, if I go, I'll certainly have an onion burger at the Lemon Drop and will probably run up to Alexandria to put another coat on the World's Largest Ball of Paint.


Apparently you get one ticket for every $25 donation to PBS station WIPB in Muncie and the show's location is sometimes shown as Muncie. What about it Pat, Jennifer, Jim, Chris, et al.? Want to hook up in Anderson for a "lodge meeting"?

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Oh, that would be cool.


But, not sure I'd be able to go....




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It's now close enough that I can be sufficiently confident in a clear schedule to get a ticket. Shows are sold out through the preceding weekend so I best not be waiting too much longer. Since there were a couple of maybes here I figured I'd post this then wait a bit to see if anyone wants me to bundle their tickets with mine. If you do, let me know before Ohio State tips off against North Carolina or (maybe but not bloody likely) Marquette on Sunday.

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Hmmmm... I can't find Ohio State on the schedule and I'm afraid to wait any longer. I'm now a member of a PBS station that I can't pick up no matter which way I point the rabbit ears but my Red Green ticket is on the way.

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