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Happy 2011

Dave Reese

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I plan on doing my usual wild New Years Eve - around about 10pm will raise my hand in the air, circle it a few times, say WHOOPEE - and then go to bed!!!! If the cat desires to curl up at the end of my bed that's his option!!!! :lol:


Like Dave says - everybody have a happy, safe and sane New Years Eve. There's a lot of 2-lane traveling to be done and we want everybody to be around to do it!!!!!!!!!!


It's been fun traveling with y'all during 2010 - looking fwd to another great year of road trip reports, fun and games and general all around happy times with the American Road gang.



Alex Burr

Memphis, TN

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!




Cort | 37.m.IL.pigValve.pacemaker | 5 Monte Carlos + 1 Caprice Classic |

MCs.CC + CHD.models.HO.legos.RadioShows + RoadTrips.us66 = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort

"Remember that fat boy, bring that kid, if you want to see New Year's Eve" ... Mona Abboud, native/resident of Sleepy Hollow IL ... 'The Pretty Little Dolly'

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