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Construction Methods Make Drastic Improvements Over Course Of Time

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Construction methods make drastic improvements over course of time


By DIANA SAMUELS, The Daily Transcript

Thursday, August 31, 2006


In 1916, the San Diego City Council hired rainmaker Charles Hatfield to fill the desperately dry Morena Reservoir for $10,000. Hatfield released vapors into the atmosphere, and rain started falling.


But it poured for days, and the city flooded. The San Diego River overflowed, the Lower Otay Dam was destroyed and several residents drowned. When Hatfield came to collect his pay, the city told him he'd have to pay for the damage as well, and Hatfield left town without the money, his increased fame bringing him several more jobs.


To read the complete article, click here: Construction methods make drastic improvements over course of time

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