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A Mighty Thirst On The National Parks Highway

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I don't know for sure why Rick's shot of Smittys burger joint on the Olympic peninsula made me think of a cold beer, but I do know way the recollection of a cold beer reminded me of Denny who reminds us that he is wont to sip a frosty one, every so often. ;) And in turn, the thought of Denny's respect for the fruit of the barley reminded me of an unexpected scene on the National Parks Highway, that most fascinating of old auto trails.


The good people of Wisconsin can lay claim to the fine beers of Milwaukee, of which I assume they are justly proud. But Milwaukee is in far eastern Wisconsin and the folks in the west of that grand state are equally as thirsty as their eastern kin. Almost as soon as the National Parks Highway has crossed the Mississippi into Wisconsin at La Crosse, it passes through the City Brewery, it working bravely to stanch that mighty thirst I mentioned. :blink:






Note that I said the National Parks Highway goes through the brewery. On one side of the road stands the brick brew house, a beacon of hope and promised salvation to all who pass. And on the other stand the tanks where the La Crosse Lager is stored before it leaves to meet its calling.....two stories high and glistening in the Midwestern sun. B)






But unlike mere storage tanks, the proud La Crosse folks have painted these in the garb of beer cans, making them world's largest six pack, or so they claim. I have no reason to challenge their claim, but alas my joy was turned to tears. The cans were too tall to reach the pull tabs, and there ended my dreams of endless bliss. But I thought of Denny. :rolleyes:


Cheers, Denny




Keep the Show on the Road!

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Thanks (I think) for thinking of me during that rare through-a-brewery drive. Sighting any "World's Largest" is rewarding but when it's a two-story six pack with contents matching the labeling, I imagine it being almost religious.


Connecting 'burgers and beer is quite natural. One result of the slowly reviving Cincinnati brewing scene is the return of Bürger Beer and some local establishments are advertising "'burger and a Bürger" specials. Perhaps even more significant is the success of the small (3 stores to date) Dayton, Ohio, restaurant chain named Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers. That's crystal-clear stripped-to-the-essentials Buckeye talk.


According to the City Brewing site, tours are available and there is even a bar and restaurant in the brewery. You shoulda stopped. If I'm ever in La Crosse, I'll be sure to take the tour... and think of you. :)

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