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City Seeks Help To Celebrate The National Road Bicentennial

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This Press Release was sent out by the City of Cumberland on May 11, 2010.


City Seeks Help to Celebrate the National Road Bicentennial


The National Road will celebrate its 200th birthday on May 8, 2011. This highway not only transformed our nation, it also put Cumberland on the map. Stretching from downtown Cumberland to the Mississippi River at St. Louis, this first federally-funded road opened the West to settlement and provided a critical transportation link between settlers along the Atlantic coast and the new American Frontier. For Cumberland, the road placed our emerging city at the head of a major transportation corridor and fueled the city’s subsequent development as a major regional manufacturing and transportation center.


Cumberland will mark this bicentennial event by erecting a new 12-foot tall monument at Riverside Park within sight of the Zero Mile Marker. The monument will include a time capsule that will be sealed for another 200 years. Many of the items that will be placed in the monument’s time capsule will be submitted by school children from the towns and cities between Cumberland and Wheeling, WV that were linked through the initial construction of the road. Our area museums will take the lead in organizing the celebration.


However, the City and our museums need your help in raising the estimated $50,000 need for the monument and celebration. Your tax-deductible donation will help build a lasting monument to this historic public investment and will preserve contributions from our children to their descendants at least seven generations in the future.


If you wish to contribute to our memorial legacy, please make a tax-deductible donation in any amount to the City’s National Road fund prior to October 31, 2010. You may present your donation at the Tax and Utility payment center on the main floor of City Hall. When making a donation, please note on your check or state that you wish to contribute to the National Road or NATL account. You will receive a receipt from the clerk to document your donation. If you wish to mail a donation with your utility bill, please include a photocopy of the check with the note “contribution to the NATL account” on the copy.


For more information about the National Road Bicentennial event or to inquire about how you can be involved, please contact David Umling, City Planner, at 301-759-6503, or by e-mail at dumling @ allconet.org.



~ Steve

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