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If It's Tuesday... I Must Be On The Road.

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We had a great day for exploring yesterday even through it was a bit windy and cool.

We hit a few places in LaVale, MD where I discovered an stone culvert (probably circa 1830s) I had never seen before. It was on a widened section of road and the north side was concrete. I had never bothered to look at the other side until yesterday while investigating some stone walls a little farther up the creek. (Photos soon.)


We then scooted up to Grantsville where a I shot a Deja View shot. I either going to have to get a wider lens or shoot from farther back.




From Grantsville we traveled a mile or so the the Shades Run Stone Bridges to document their deterioration. I got some good shots but, unfortunately, bridges are in sad shape.


I tried to find the old gas station in the picture of Keyser's Ridge but it appears to have vanished.


We stopped at the MD-PA line an got a Deja View of the State Line. (My photo includes the Mason-Dixon marker so it was taken a little farther back than the original. The Road carries a a fair amount of truck traffic so I decided to shot photo from the shoulder.)






I got some nice shots in Addison, PA including a couple of Deja Views.


While re-shooting the Rush Hotel, I decided to check out the back. Immediately behind the Hotel is the Garage indicated by the sign in the early photo.




I got some other good shoots of Addison I hope to post in the future.


We had a good comfort food lunch at Glisans Restaurant (since the 1940s) and hit Fort Necessity (great exhibit), Washington Tavern, Braddock's Grave, the Stone House (see Deja View), the Summit Hotel and did a turn around in Uniontown. (We are definitely going to explore Uniontown on another trip.)


~ Steve

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That's definitely some nice territory you covered. Fort Necessity & Braddock's Grave give you a peek at some pre-United States history that we probably don't pay as much attention to as we should. I've stopped at the Addison toll house a few times but wasn't aware of the hotel. I'll need to look closer next time. Do you know its age?


I think that state line roadside is pretty interesting. Within sight of the Mason-Dixon marker is the broken off base of a cast iron National Road mile marker and its fiberglass replacement plus what I believe is the remnants of a concrete state line marker.


I've never stopped at Glisans Restaurant but I think I need to.

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French & Indian War history is a popular topic in Cumberland. The Ohio Company store (Now Ridgely, WV) and King's Fort (now Cumberland) were the jumping off point for Gen. Braddock's ill-fated campaign against Fort Du Quesne. Fifty-plus years later, Braddock's (and G. Washington's) trail over Haystack Mtn. would mark the approximate path of the early Cumberland Road.


According to local Braddock historian Bob Bantz, Braddock traveled up Haystack Mountain on a trail that would later become Camden Ave... The street I live on. In the woods at the top of the street, deep furrows still mark the pre-Road colonial road.


Bob has found what he believes are pieces of the shattered British wagons described by Braddock's orderly.



Wagon furrows on Haystack Mountain


~ Steve

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