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Two New Updates To Abandoned Sections In Lavale, Md

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I've added new photos to two abandoned road section descriptions this morning:


Old Section of Nat'l Road Is Now a Rest Area - West of LaVale, MD






Abandoned Section of National Road - East of Clarysville, MD




~ Steve

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Interesting! I wonder if that rock shows the work of a "rock boring weevil?" :P:lol:


It almost looks like somebody's "practice rock." doesn't it!? It looks as though it has more holes than just those along the line. And who leaves drills or wedges unless they are unable to extract them? There is a story there. Maybe the foreman fired the guy and gave up on the rock. <_<


Another "Unsolved Mystery of the National Road!" ;) In fact maybe you need a section on the website like that.




Keep the Show on the Road!

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I'm thinking some guy was wailing away trying to split that rock and it fractured in the wrong place and rolled down the hill. (Although what's the odds of landing chisels up...) Judging by the overall weathered condition, I don't think it split anytime in the recent past.


~ Steve

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