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Monument Celebrating The Start Of Construction Of The Nat'l Road

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Just a heads up...


I'm working with the City of Cumberland, MD and the local museums group to commemorate the start of construction of the Cumberland/National Road. 2011 is the 200th Anniversary of the start of construction at "a stone in the corner of Lot. #1" in Cumberland, MD (Greene St.). The Greene St. route was replaced in 1835 by the current Narrows route through LaVale, MD.


Current plans and events include:

(1) The erection of a monument near the spot construction started. (May 2011) The monument will house a time capsule to be opened in 2211. Donations are needed for the monument and the City has set up a bank account to accept them (More info shortly.)


(2) The regional meeting of the American Planners Association is tentatively scheduled for May 2011 in Cumberland.


(3) Cumberland's annual Heritage Days celebration is in June and we hope to add more emphasis on the Road. (Cumberland is also where the C&O Canal ended and was a B&O Railroad hub.) The City started as an outpost of the Ohio Company in the 1750s and became a fort during the French and Indian War. George Washington was stationed here and the military post was the jumping off point for Gen. Braddock's unsuccessful attack on Fort DuQuesne.


(4) I have been allotted about a week-and-a-half for a National Road themed exhibit/show at the Arts Council's Saville Gallery in Aug. 2011. Entries will be accepted for a juried show. (More details soon.)


I'll keep everyone updated as more details are available.


~ Steve

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That's rather exciting news. I had expected 2006, the bicentennial of the signing of the authorization, to be a bigger than it was. Perhaps the start of construction is a more visual event. Glad to see Cumberland jumping on it.



The rather lackluster celebration is even more puzzling when you realize most of the state Road Alliance organizations have been working on it since 2000.

The Cumberland celebration is a locally initiated event. We will be asking other road cities to join in.


~ Steve

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