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Highway 80 Guide Book To Be Availalbe Mid-march!

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I'm happy to announce that a book version of my Highway 80 guide will be availalble as soon as the middle of this month (March). I'm proud of this activity, and this guide features the absolute latest in updates as we are always learning more about the old road eveyr week. I am in frequent contact with several extremely knowledgeable roadie colleques such as Steve Varner, John Murphy, Dan Smith, Joe Specht and numerous others as we share maps, hash out ideas and sound off about the latest info and discoveries.


For those that shied from a CD version, this is a large 8.5X11 full-color coilbound format so that the guide will stay open to the page you want, each page has a footer for notes and one can read along the narrative or just follow the detailed turn-by turn maps in the back if you like.


This has been a long labor of love, and I look forward to sharing this with everyone and feel this will be a valuable addition to your collections.


Cheers, and see you on the road!

Jeff in Tucson


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Great news! From the CD, I can attest to the quality of the content. The more traditional packaging will certainly be welcomed by many. It's something that can be read (and followed) in the car.

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