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3d Skookumchuck Steel Truss Bridge

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Through truss bridge over the Skookumchuck River on WA 507 in Centralia. I was out testing the new 3D camera and thought a few folks might enjoy a view of an old (1928) steel truss bridge. This bridge sits on what was a popular alternate to US99 in the old days. What is now Washington 507 takes a more direct route than US99 between Centralia and Olympia, and was used as a "cutoff" by those in the know.


The 1927 Rand McNally map below shows US99 in red and the cutoff (now WA 507) going through Bucoda.




Old US99 swung in a loop westward from Centralia, going miles out of the way as it traveled north toward Tenino and Olympia. We seldom take that road because it amounts to a detour, but there must have been a reason for it going that way. The pioneer Cowlitz trail and the Pacific Highway also took the western loop followed by old US99, so it must have had to do with terrain and river crossings. The railroad, however took the route of WA 507 through Bucoda.


The image below can be viewed in 3D using the cross eyed method, and seen as a 3D video on Youtube at

in a variety of viewing modes. The bridge is described in detail at the Historic Bridges of the United States - Bridgehunter site below.






Keep the Show on the Road!



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By coincidence, my magic Loreo viewer arrived yesterday. When I came to the forum to access the Lemay Museum video, I found this new sample as well. The short story is, it works. I started to give some details here than decided that the Bridges & Tunnels forum might not be the right place so I posted under General Discussion, here

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