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New Us 40 Monument - Indianapolis

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I stumbled across this new monument in downtown Indianapolis but have not been able to find anything out about it on-line. It is at the new interchange that was built at Washington Street. It is a silver metal-looking tower that has a US 40 shield at the top with "INDIANA" at the top and "HISTORIC US" just above the "40". Do any of you have information on where it came from or whether it has a name?



It has a list of cities that US 40 passed through at its base, with Indianapolis highlighted:



And at night it lights itself up in alternating colors that seem to include at least white, blue, green and red:




I hadn't seen it on the forum yet, so I thought I would share!



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This is all I can find...


West Washington Street Overpasses

As the historic National Road, or US Route 40, Washington Street has played a critical role in

the development of Indianapolis. From visitors traveling through the city to residents using

the street on a daily basis, West Washington Street is an important corridor in Indianapolis.

Along the corridor, three railroad overpasses present tremendous opportunity for gateway

treatment. These overpasses are located near South Harding Street, Tibbs Avenue and

Hoffman Road. Each overpass has its own character but all have similar construction and

present an opportunity to serve as gateways up and down the street.

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Thanks for posting this, Chris! Just last week when I passed there I reminded myself that I had to get down there for some pics. I've not read or seen anything in any local media about it, which I find a little odd given it's size and uniqueness. They did a nice job with that new interchange by adding this monument, the older style street lights, and the repositioning of the old milestone to the east.


It may not take too much digging to find out the scoop on the monument. The same company that is involved with redeveloping the Town of Speedway also took care of that whole new interchange on Washington Street where the new monument is located. Full details of that project can be found here.

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