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Kudos To American Road Magazine, Livingston And Ridge

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As I have had frequent reason to do so in the past, I want to again compliment the folks at American Road Magazine for bringing us another fine meal of road goodies, including a guide to some sweet stops. VII Number 4, was another great serving of road treats.


At the risk of selecting what I enjoyed most, I want to thank John for his always great Yellowstone Trail stories and descriptions. He and Alice never fail to please the heritage traveler in me, and I always get a valued history lesson on a topic I enjoy. I confess that his description of his aborted visit to an historic outdoor plunge in the dead of winter matches my mind set exactly. When you reach a certain age, wisdom trumps passion, at least sometimes.


I read Jill Livinston’s piece on the disappearing bridges of the Shasta reservoir with anticipation, and wasn’t disappointed. If there is anything I regret, I wish it had been published here a couple of years ago so I could have included it in a trip before the lake returned to normal levels. But with Jill now writing for American Road, my regret will soon be a celebration. Jill is my heroine for US 99 knowledge.


Jill, you no doubt are familiar with Jervie Eastman’s outtakes at the University of California - Davis. I hope you will one day do some “then and now” pieces using that collection. And if I ever get going on the National Parks Highway, we should compare notes. Between Tacoma and Medford, or there about, the Pacific Highway (pre US99) and the National Parks Highway shared the same roadbed (obviously with first credit to the Pacific Highway).


As a charter subscriber to American Road, keep giving me goodies like these, and I’ll renew at every opportunity!




Keep the Show on the Road!

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I picked up my mail this morning so now have ARM Vol. VII No. 4 in my hands. I was happy to see Loveless Cafe, a favorite of mine that I just happened to visit on Saturday, featured in Diner Days. One thing that wasn't mentioned in the article, but which might be of interest to roadies, is the fact that Loveless Cafe is located almost on top of the northern end of the Natchez Trace Parkway. It's a perfect before or after stop.

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