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"times Beach" Bridge

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I attended a quarterly meeting of the Route 66 Association of Missouri yesterday

and learned that the old 66 bridge across the Meramec River at the Route 66

State Park in Eureka, MO (formerly the Times Beach 66 bridge) is slated for

*swift and complete* demolition. Period.


There was some discussion about what could be done to stall or prevent the

bridge's removal and at this point I don't have a *specific* contact and can

only suggest emails or letters of protest to the Missouri Department of

Transportation (MoDot). Contact is:




A representative from the National Park Service was in attendance and, as I

recall, said something to the effect that the swift action is due to available

money to MoDot being nearly expired. (Could be wrong about that, however, so

don't hold me to it.) You might be able to get more info from:






Perhaps nothing will prevent the permanent bridge removal (no replacement) but

our pleas and protests might help to save the bridge, which I'm confident could still be used as a beautiful and historical pedestrian crossing. Nearly anything is possible........Bliss

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